Vision & Philosophy

   Our vision:

To become a leading social movement for positive transformation

   Our purpose:

To create and promote a positive social movement by involving all societal forces in discovering their own strength, envisioning positive future, architecting pathways and getting their commitment towards building peaceful, just and prosperous Nepal.

   Our philosophy:

Co-constructing a different social reality by taping the strengths and positive experiences of people.

   Our belief:

Every individual, organization and society has both positive and negative attributes or strengths and weaknesses. Imagine Nepal believes that focusing on positive attribute or strength generates more energy than on negative attribute, weaknesses or problems.

   Our values:

* Participatory, democratic practice and autonomy
* Mutual respect and appreciation
* Sense of accountability, responsibility and honesty
* Participatory
* Ethnic and gender sensitive
* Love, compassion and empathy
* Openness and truthfulness
* Appreciative thinking and behavior

   Our Goals

Gather, document and spread breakthroughs in critical sectors such as conflict, systems failure, justice, lost opportunities etc

Establish a vibrant network amongst transformational leaders, change agents, peace builders, innovators, experts, etc.

Conduct appreciative dialogue/meetings with one lakh people.

Develop 1000 facilitators of change and development.


Code of Conduct


  • Members of Imagine Nepal will be guided by the following qualities, norms and behaviors.

•  Imagine Nepal has adopted the Appreciative Inquiry as a way of life and its members will follow it accordingly.

•  Members will be conceptually clear on Appreciative Inquiry for sifting their mind set from traditional to tolerant and positive behavior.

•  Each member will declare his/her commitment on vision, values, philosophy and goals of Imagine Nepal

•  Each member commits his/her time and efforts with the spirit of volunteerism.

•  Members respect the socio-cultural diversities of Nepal and appreciate its positive core, which gives them life.

•  Respect, recognize and value the life giving and nurturing forces of individuals, society, culture and the like.

Contact us

Imagine Nepal
Koteshwor, Kathmandu
Telephone: 977-1-5100456, 9851117707
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